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The OMH Summer Lunch Program is About to Begin!

July 1st  – August 26th


As a result of our involvement in the community, the Missions Committee recognizes that Hunger and Food Insecurity are large problems for some of our neighbors. Nearly 30% of children in East Montpelier received free and reduced lunch during the last school year. This places children at increased risk during the summer, when transportation to/from school programs can be scarce. We also recognize that children attending the summer school programs is the ideal, and wished to find an effective means of supplementing these programs, not replacing them.


Using much the same model as our Thanksgiving Meals, and drawing on our existing partnership with the East Montpelier Elementary school, up to 8 families will be identified to receive enough packaged food, fruits and vegetables to provide a minimum of 5 healthy lunches each week for nine weeks of summer vacation. 


That’s where you come in.  This will be a large effort that will require nearly everyone in the church to pull off.  Each week, we will need twenty volunteers:
·       16 to buy the food and bring it to church on Sunday
·       1-2 to take what is supplied and re-package it for delivery
·       3 to distribute the meals to the families on the following Tuesday

Click on the image below to open the grocery shopping list.


Looking closely … zooming in …
photographs by Cherie Staples in the Parish House Gallery

from the artist: "Since the first Brownie box camera when I was 12 or 13 and the picture 
of a lone elm tree in the middle of a cow pasture, I have been drawn to images of nature.  
Drawn to the colors of clouds at daybreak and nightfall, to the hearts of flowers, the play of 
water droplets, the sheen of water on sand, the spread of mountains".... click here to read more


OMH Men's Group
change of meetings to the 2nd Thursday of each month!
The Men’s Group will be meeting at the North Branch Cafe on State Street in Montpelier
 on the second Thursday of each month, next meeting, June 14 at 6:30pm! This is an 
informal gathering once a month for fellowship. If you are interested in participating 
or learning more about this group contact Tim Shea at


Have you considered satisfying part or all of your pledge by making a charitable gift 
from your IRA account to The Old Meeting House?
click here for more information 


Interested in knitting or crocheting a Prayer Shawl? For instructions:  click here for a copy.  
We have a variety of yarn available for you to use. Thank you for helping wrap our community in love and warmth. All are welcome!


Ongoing Events
·      Christian Education Sunday School during Worship.
·      Nursery care is always available during Sunday church services.
·      Youth Choir (for children of all ages) practices in the Parish House during the first part of the church service and sings in church seasonally. Please let Christian Ed know if your child is interested in participating.
·      Church Choir practices Wednesdays at 7:00p.m. & Sundays at 8:30a.m. (During July & August they practice Sundays only!)
·      Parish House Café   Every Wednesday starting in October 2018 through April 2019
·      If you are interested in volunteering at the OMH, please let us know by filling out this form!

Onion River Food Shelf: The food shelf is always in need of donations! Please drop them off any Sunday, or during the hours the Parish House is open (9a.m. -2p.m. Wednesdays & Thursdays). Proteins are especially welcome (peanut butter, soups, beans, tuna).

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The Circle of Care Committee reminds everyone that we are here for all of us: for new parents who may welcome help as they adjust to life with an infant, for seniors who can use assistance around the house, for someone who needs a ride to an appointment. Everyone needs help at different times. We would like you to feel free to call Norman Hill, or anyone on the committee and let us know how we can help.

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