The Old Meeting House Arts Ministries are founded upon the belief that the arts are an integral part of religious experience. Through art, literature, music, theater, and movement human beings grow, explore their spiritual needs, and express their deepest feelings. The arts also bring people together, creating and strengthening ties that enhance personal, social, and spiritual lives.
Upcoming Events
Art Show in Parish House

Wendy Soliday

As I Pass By….is a collection of pastel paintings by Wendy Soliday.  Many of these 
paintings begin as “drive-by” moments –a flickers of light through the woods, a glimpse of 
beauty in the rear view mirror, a temporary reflection on the water-that beckon and compel 
Wendy to stop and paint.  Read more, click here.

If you or someone you know are interested in exhibiting please let Wendy Soliday know. If you have ideas or suggestions or photos please get in touch with her. She can be reached by emailing 

Taize Worship
Thursday, March 22 at 7:00pm

This service is conducted in song and silence, 
with chant-like refrains repeated until they seem 
to be singing themselves in you. Led by Jerome Monachino of St. Michael's College, and hosted
 by our Arts Ministries.

* * * * * *

The Montpelier Community Gospel
Small Choir in Concert!
Saturday, May 19 at 7:00pm
Admission by donation

* * * * * *
For a generation, the Old Meeting House has provided strong support to the creative energy and artistic expression of the community served by the church. This support has nurtured a strong and diverse music program, the periodic production of musical theater, a concert series, visual arts exhibits, variety shows, creative worship services, and the integration of the arts throughout the OMH Sunday school curriculum. 

OMHAM is organized to provide the infrastructure, administrative support, and organizational context for this arts programming. It will promote the arts within our spiritual community and thereby strengthen the church and minister to those reached by its activities

MUSIC: OMH was recently featured in a fun music video by renowned jazz singer Indra Rios-Moore. When sending the link Indra remarked:  "It was a lovely day last fall and we had a yummy lunch at the church! You have a wonderful community feeling there! Hope you enjoy the finished music video. Sending warm regards, "  Indra

Click here to see the video and the church in all its glory.  Music is truly all around us at OMH.

Make sure to check out our Music page as well!

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