Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Welcome to The Old Meeting House!

1620 Center Road, East Montpelier Center

Welcome to those searching for a spiritual home
Welcome to those questioning your faith, your God, yourselves.
Welcome to those exuberant in faith and eager to share the grace of God
Welcome to all who have felt the doors of a church closed; our doors are open.
Welcome to the Old Meeting House.

The Old Meeting House is a community church with strong denominational ties to the United Church of Christ. We seek guidance in our lives from the words, life and promises of Jesus Christ.

Our congregation embraces a wide variety of theological understandings. We strive to continue our spiritual growth and to engage in faithful activities that welcome and support diversity in our community. In the love and spirit of Jesus Christ, we come together for the worship of God and the service of all people.

September 23

This week the weather has suddenly turned cooler.  There are touches of color on wooded hillsides, and we know that winter will soon be with us again.  This year, our OMH Missions Committee will again be looking for ways in which we can help Bethany Church sustain the seasonal Warming Shelter they house in downtown Montpelier.  Sunday’s sermon will share an inside look at homelessness and some suggestions about how to address the needs of those who find themselves without a home.


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